Private Tuition

Whether online or in person, I can plan yoga and/or pilates classes just for you and your unique needs. I can even mix yoga and pilates (‘yogalates’) as suits!

This is perfect if you have any existing injuries, medical conditions, reasons why attending a group class isn’t suitable, or, if you simply want the extra benefit of having a personalised programme, and me on hand to correct any misalignments and give you specific advice. I can also make any adjustments to planned classes to suit you on any particular day, as day to day our bodies are always changing.

You can have private tuition individually, as a couple, a group of friends or family.

I am qualified to teach Yoga, Pilates, Family Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Baby Yoga and Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga!

In online Private Tuition we can hold classes over Zoom and I can connect with you in your house, or even you and your friends in other houses!

Pricing will vary slightly depending on my travel times/number of participants, so do fill out the form below to enquire and I shall be in touch.

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