Do you want to delve deeper in to your yoga practice? Are you ready to carve out some special time for yourself to really feel the peace, tranquility, mental clarity and physical wellness that a substantial yoga practise can bring?

Become a Member today and access my extensive library of Yoga & Yogalates Classes!

Longer length classes of 50-60 minutes long.

Access all the classes and watch them as many times as you like!

£17 monthly, rolling. Cancel anytime. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility in your yoga practise!

Kat Sara Yoga Library

Yogalates for Shoulders & Upper Back | 52 mins
Summer Stretch – Full Body Yogalates Workout | 57 mins
Hip & Shoulder Soother | 60 mins
Cooling Yogalates for Hot Days | 55 mins
Yogalates for Shoulders | 57 mins
Strengthen & Open Yoga | 56 mins
Calming & Refreshing Full Body Yogalates | 52 mins
Yoga for Feet and Legs | 54 mins

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